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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Our unique closure is a newly developed fabric. It is a polyester microfiber that is engineered to be microscopically small. It adheres to itself immediately by frictional force, resulting in a secure bond without pulling apart. The tiny fibers and loops are super soft resulting in clothes without any hard parts. You just have to put the fabrics together and push it a little gently. The gentle push gives it an even better hold.

How long does it last?

With a new fabric this is an understandable question, which we get a lot. We have tested the fabric for opening and closing it 5.000 times. This resulted in loosing only half the strength and outlasting at least 10 babies. 

How does it hold up when washing?

You can wash it in your machine together with other clothes on a low temperature. In fact the low temperature is mostly advised for the cotton and not even for our fastener which can take on even higher temperatures.

The fabric works based on friction so when washing it, it can catch some fluff or lint from your other garments. To prevent this from happening, you can simply wash your clothes ‘closed’, meaning with the fabrics touching each other. You can also wash it in a separate washing bag.

Should you accidentally forget this, no problem! Even with a little lint caught in the fabric it still works fine. When a lot of lint is stuck you can notice a slight deterioration of the friction. In this case you can easily remove the lint with a lint roller or tape.