BiNKi is a baby clothing brand from the Netherlands that has launched its first collection in June 2018. BiNKi is focused on high quality, organic and sustainable clothes. BiNKi baby clothes have a unique new fastener that is easy, soft and silent, but also strong enough to handle some twisting and turning of your baby. If you want to know more about BiNKi and how it was founded please follow the link below.

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Yes, definitely! All our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton and are all GOTS-certified. This means that the cotton is grown without the use of insecticides and pesticides, the clothes are produced under strict social regulations and our manufacturer is living up to strict environmental standards. If you want to read about the GOTS-standards or our production proces follow the link below.

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Our new and unique fastener works based on friction. This new type of fabric has tiny hooks and loops which make for the strong hold. Our clothes are designed with the capabilities of the fabric in mind. This means that in the direction of the babies movement the fabric has a strong hold, but for changing diapers and clothes it is very easy to open and close.

This is unfortunate and should not happen. There are a couple of things to check to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  1. Make sure the outfit is the right size. If the outfit is too small there could be too much force on the fastener or the fastener cannot be attached properly.
  2. Make sure there is not too much lint and fluff caught in the fastener. Fluff and lint of other textiles can get caught in the fastener, especially during washing. Make sure to close the fastener before you wash the garment. If there is (too much) fluff and lint stuck in the fastener you can remove this with a lint roller.
  3. Make sure the fastener was attached properly. The fastener works based on friction and needs enough fabric of both sides toughing each other in order to work properly.There is definitely some room for adjusting to your babies’ size, but make sure to have at least 3/4 of the fabric fastened.
  4. The outfits can handle babies twisting and turning. However, it could happen that accidentally a baby pulls on the fabric in the right way to open it, mainly with a kimono romper or a jumpsuit.

If you have checked the all the items above and the fastener is still opening for an unknown reason, please contact us so we can see what is happening and how we can fix it. We are the first to apply this fastener in baby clothes and we have tested it many times, but every baby is different in size and movement and we would love your help to improve our clothes and designs. You can contact us directly at

BiNKi clothes stay best washed at a maximum of 40 degrees. BiNKi clothes stay best washed “inside out” and with similar colors. You can put you BiNKi clothes in the dryer, but it is advised to line dry the clothes to keep them in a perfect condition. Ironing it is also best inside out, but please do not iron our fastener! This can reduce its functionality.

To keep our fastener working like new, it is best to close the fastener before you wash the clothes. This will prevent lint, cloth and fluffs to get stuck in the fastener. Should you accidentally forget this, you can easily remove them with a lint roller.

Our sizes follow the European system and are roughly based on the total length of the baby in cm. Of course, every baby is different and therefor the size can differ per baby. If you would like to relate the sizes to age groups, you can roughly follow the sizing below:

50-56: 0-3 months

62-68: 3-6 months

74-80: 6-12 months

86-92: 12-24 months

BiNKi clothes are made with slow fashion in mind. This does not mean we are slow 😉 It means that we want to design collections that are timeless and season proof as much as possible. This means that most of our clothes can be worn year round and by multiple generations of babies.

Our goal is to add new styles and colors along the way, keep the items that you love in the collection and discontinue the items that you favor the least. This way you decide what stays in stock.

If you want to be the first to know about new additions to our collection, follow our social media accounts or sign up for our newsletter.


    Yes, all prices shown on our website are including VAT if you buy from within the EU. If you buy from outside the EU, no VAT will be charged in our webshop. It is possible that you will have to pay VAT and/or importing TAX when your package arrives in your country.

    Yes, it is possible to do so in the ordering proces.

    We have multiple payment options in our store. You can pay by iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal, Sofort and Klarna (soon).

    We will ship your order within 2 working days. The delivery time depends on the destination. In The Netherlands the order often arrives the next working day. Should there be a reason why it should take longer, we will let you know as soon as possible.

    We love to hear from you, whether you have a question, suggestion or a complaint. We rather have you tell us, so we can help and/or improve our product, service or website. You can reach us at or you can call us between office hours at +31683697671. Please do check our frequently asked questions before you call or email.

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