We are very excited that our new collection is almost here! The boat with our lovely new clothes is now very close and we decided to give you the opportunity to already pre-order some items of our fabulous new collection! We have a couple of surprises for you with our second collection.

We have expanded our collection with lovely shades of blue and pink. Both our blue and pink have some grey undertones to match very nicely with our current collection. We have kept the penguin pattern in this collection as well because of the fantastic response you all have given us. In the pink color we have given the penguin a different color sunglasses and also our logo tag has a different color to match the design best.

There is also a new item in our new line, the kimono romper with short sleeves. We have listened to your requests and added this item, as it was not yet in our first collection. The addition of this item makes our collection rompers more complete. If you have any other request for future collections, be sure to let us know and we might add them!

Besides adding colors and items we also added some new sizes. Our long sleeve rompers and pants are now also available in size 86-92 and our short sleeve rompers are now also available in sizes 50-56 and 86-92. We have gotten a lot of requests to go smaller and bigger with our collection and this is our first expansion. Let us know if you want even bigger and/or smaller sizes for our future collections.

Last but not least we have a special addition to our new collection. This new feature is not to be seen by the eye, but only to be felt by the touch. We have added a super soft peach finish on the inside of our clothes which makes them feel soft and comfortable for your little one.

We have a limited stock on some items and sizes, therefore you can pre-order if you want to be certain to get a hold on some fantastic items. We will ship out your orders, or at least as many as we can on Monday September 23 when we have returned from the Kind und Jugend trade show in Cologne.

Have fun exploring our new collection and please let us know how you like it!