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We help new parents have less stress when dressing their baby.

BiNKi’s story begins with a desire to do more for the world. More than was possible in my consulting job. With a little boy at home and a second one on the way I found it difficult to buy baby clothes that I liked and at the same time were made in a sustainable way. This led me to start BiNKi.

BiNKi is founded from the desire to do good, and to do more. Therefore, we make our clothes from organic cotton with the GOTS-certificate. This means, among other things, that the cotton crops are grown without pesticides and insecticides, no harmful chemicals are used in the production process and high standards are in place for a fair, safe, and hygienic working conditions. Our clothes are made in Tirupur in the south of India and we are proud of our production partner and what they have established.

Innovation and progress is important at BiNKi.  That is why we introduce a new and easy fastener in our collection. The fabric is soft and silent for your baby and easy for you. Just put the fabric on top of each other neatly and it sticks. Our customers have indicated that they actually feel less stress with changing a diaper when using a BiNKi romper. 

Last but certainly not least, we make high quality, timeless and all-season clothes with fun details. Our clothes will give you and your baby something to discover. We love our collection and hope you do too! Feel free to explore our website and social media channels. If you would like to know more about us or our brand please let us know.


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“High quality baby clothes, made sustainably.”

With BiNKi I am trying to have a better impact on the world we live in. Better for the environment, the people that actually make the clothes and especially for your children and mine.

– Yvette Ramakers