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Sustainable and fair bandana bibs

Our bandana bibs are made sustainably and fair. They are made from organic cotton and have the Global organic textile standard (GOTS) certification. All our bandana bibs and other baby clothes are made in India and produced from organic cotton. Organic crops are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. With organic agriculture natural fertilizers and fertilizing techniques are used instead, including compost, manure, naturally derived mineral and plant fertilizers, and crop rotation. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint, because organic cotton farming requires less energy and healthy organic soil can store more carbon. The production process also requires less water. Furthermore, it enormously reduces the grey water footprint (polluted water).

Easy fastener in our sustainable bandana bibs

All our sustainable bandana bibs and most other sustainable baby clothes have a new and unique fastener. Our unique closure is a newly developed fabric. It is a polyester microfiber that is engineered to be microscopically small. It adheres to itself immediately by frictional force, resulting in a secure bond without pulling apart. The tiny fibers and loops are super soft resulting in clothes without any hard parts. You just have to put the fabrics together and push it a gently. The gentle push gives it an even better hold. This new fastener makes it easy and faster for you to change a diaper or change baby clothes and it makes it more comfortable for your baby. With this bandana bib there is a fastener attached at the back of the bib. This is designed to make it easier to put the bandana bib oraund the neck of your newborn. The bandana bib is adjustable and soft.
You can wash the bandana bib with our new fastener in your washing machine together with other clothes on a low temperature. In fact the low temperature is mostly advised for the cotton and not even for our fastener which can take on even higher temperatures. The fabric works based on friction so when washing the bandana bib, the fastener can catch some fluff or lint from your other garments. To prevent this from happening, you can simply wash your sustainable bandana bib ‘closed’, meaning with the fabrics touching each other. You can also wash your organic bandana bib in a separate washing bag. Should you accidentally forget this, no problem! Even with a little lint caught in the fabric it still works fine. When a lot of lint is stuck you can notice a slight deterioration of the friction. In this case you can easily remove the lint with a lint roller or tape.

High quality bandana bib

Our sustainable bandana bibs are made or the highest quality organic cotton. Our bandana bibs have the right thickness and feel super soft. The bandana bibs have a neat finish and are all checked for the highest quality standards. This high quality makes that the bibs can last long. The bandana bibs will not only stay beautiful for your baby, but also for possible brothers or sisters, your friends children or for selling them to other mothers. We hope your will enjoy your sustainable, easy and high quality jumpsuit!