We have something new! For the first time we have cards in our webshop! Our own BiNKi cards are beautiful and perfect to send as a gift.

Our cards are not only beautiful, they are also very special! They are made of growing paper. This means that after you use them, you can plant them and it will grow flowers for butterflies and bees.

Cards - BiNKi - seed paper

How do the seedcards work?

First you have to make the paper wet and put them inside in a cup or outside in the garden. Cover the growing paper with approximately 2 cm of soil. Water the paper everyday so that it stays moist and after a week the first flowers will appear. 

The best time to plant the paper outside is from the second half of May to October (depending on your location). Inside you can grow the paper the whole year round. Always make sure there is enough light, warmth and water.

The paper is made in South Africa with a lot of love. It is recycled paper that is made into a pulp of paper and seeds by hand. After that it is dried, weighed and cut.

Which cards are there?

At the moment we have 4 different cards, all in Dutch. The 4 cards have different backgrounds and the same backside. The cards also come with an envelope. The texts are:

  • Hoera een meisje!
  • Hoera een jongen!
  • Hoera een kleintje op komst!
  • Gefeliciteerd met jullie Binki!

We can send the card directly to the receiver and even write a handwritten note on the back if you would like.

The perfect pretty and sustainable card to give!